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Enter a whole new world of possibility

Odoo is a game-changer! 

Dive into Odoo's world and revolutionise your business. Its flexible platform streamlines operations, adapts to your growth, and enhances efficiency. 

It's a complete suite of user-friendly business applications that covers every need, from e-commerce and CRM to inventory and accounting.

With ODIY Academy, harness Odoo's power to elevate your business journey!

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Unlock your potential

We're all about keeping it simple and stress-free, especially for the small business squad. 

Think of us as your guide in the Odoo world, breaking down the tech talk into everyday lingo. We'll walk you through every nook and cranny, making sure you get the hang of it. With us, you're not just learning; you're gearing up to take your business from small-time to prime time. 

No jargon, no sweat – just a whole lot of growth potential.

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Empowering Every Business: 

Affordable, Powerful Tools for All

The best business tools shouldn’t break the bank, or your brain. 

At ODIY Academy, we believe that powerful, effective solutions like Odoo shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the big players. That's why we’re committed to demystifying Odoo, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up, we’ve got your back! No complicated jargon, no exorbitant fees. Just straightforward, practical learning to give every business, regardless of size, the edge it deserves.

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Learn from Anywhere 

Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable Odoo learning to everyone, anywhere.

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Empowering YOU to achieve your business goals 

Our current courses

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Odoo for Tradies 

Odoo for Tradies is tailor-made for the hard hats and tool belts. This course takes the complexity out of business management. From job scheduling to invoicing, it's all about making your day-to-day easier. You'll learn how to streamline processes, keep track of projects, and manage your finances, all in one place. It’s the tool that works as hard as you do, minus the dirt. 

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Cart with items

Odoo for eCommerce 

Dive into the digital storefront with Odoo for eCommerce. This course is your golden ticket to mastering online sales. We cover everything from setting up your shop to managing inventory and processing orders. You'll discover how to create an engaging customer experience and use data to boost your sales. Get ready to turn clicks into customers and grow your digital empire.
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Odoo for Services 

Odoo for Services is designed for the pros who thrive on client satisfaction. Ideal for consulting, legal, and other service-based industries, this course focuses on managing time, billing, and client relationships with finesse. You'll learn how to streamline your timesheets, automate invoicing, and keep projects on track. Elevate your service game and ensure every hour counts towards success. 

services apps

Why ODIY logo?

Pre-Configured Odoo Database

Jumpstart your Odoo journey with a pre-configured database, designed to get you hands-on from day one.

Elegant Website 

A beautiful, professional and user-friendly website, fully integrated with all your other Odoo apps. 

E-learning Platform

Interactive, modern platform for a premium learning experience.

Course Duration

A structured 4-6 week course timeline, with the flexibility to learn at your own pace because we know life gets busy.

Cohort Collaboration

Share insights and progress with fellow learners in dedicated group chats.

Weekly Online Catch-ups

Real-time support and community learning in live sessions. 

One Year odoo logoSubscription

Enjoy a complimentary 12-month standard subscription to explore and utilize all Odoo apps.

Accelerated Learning Curve

With targeted content, move faster than going it alone—get up and running with Odoo quickly and efficiently.

Robust Business System

Start off strong with a fully integrated, feature-packed business system tailored to kickstart and scale your operations.

Practice-Ready Odoo Database

Safe, hands-on practice database, configured to your industry to use throughout the course - building confidence and competence.

Comprehensive Course Materials

Get hands-on with a detailed course workbook and practical checklists to guide your learning.

One-on-One Coaching Option

Personalised help available for in-depth understanding (at additional cost).

Coming Soon...

Food & Beverage

From design concept to the showroom, create and manage workflows with better collaboration.

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Not for Profit

From design concept to the showroom, create and manage workflows with better collaboration.

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Real Estate

From design concept to the showroom, create and manage workflows with better collaboration.

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PoS /


From design concept to the showroom, create and manage workflows with better collaboration.

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Think Bigger

Size doesn't define ambition; no matter your size, aim high with the best tools at your disposal. It's time to broaden horizons!

Learn Smarter

Cut through the clutter and master Odoo with straightforward, no-nonsense learning, geared to your industry and goals.

Apply Insights

Time to roll up your sleeves and turn your new Odoo smarts into real-world magic. 

Grow Faster

Harness Odoo's full power to leap ahead of the competition and accelerate your growth.

Empowering Your Business Journey: 

Elevate and Expand with Odoo at ODIY Academy.

Join our community of ODIYers and take your business to new heights with the power of Odoo.