HAUS Collective Leverages Odoo for Business Transformation

17 June 2024 by
Maz | ODIY Academy

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HAUS Collective Pty Ltd, an Australian natural stone and fireplace retailer, has successfully transformed its business operations by implementing Odoo, a comprehensive business management software. With 70 years of combined experience in material supply, interior design, and construction, the company now leverages a suite of Odoo apps, including Notes, Manufacturing, Studio, eCommerce, Website, Employees, Email Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Invoicing, Discuss, Skills Management, CRM, Contacts, and Calendar, all hosted on The implementation was completed in just six weeks.

According to Haus' customer review, previously, HAUS Collective relied on Xero for accounting, Microsoft Excel for inventory, and TradeGecko for customer relationship management (CRM). These standalone solutions led to significant challenges, including time-consuming manual work, prolonged lead times, and limited warehouse and inventory management capabilities. Managing a showroom and three warehouses, the company needed comprehensive tools to efficiently handle inventory and sales while ensuring clear communication across different locations.

The transition to Odoo was driven by the need for a more integrated and reliable business management system. The announcement of TradeGecko's cessation of operations in Australia in 2022 further solidified this decision. Impressed by Odoo's features and modularity, HAUS Collective implemented Odoo Sales, Purchase, Invoicing, and Inventory apps to manage their supply chain and retail operations.

The Odoo solution has standardised the sales process, allowing HAUS Collective to track the entire process from quotes to dispatching orders within a single environment. Integration with Odoo Purchase and Invoicing centralises all in-store and trade sales, standardising processes and customer communication. This integration ensures accurate data flow, as sales data is synchronised across apps in real time, significantly improving team efficiency and bookkeeping accuracy.

Automation has been a key benefit of the Odoo implementation, reducing paper usage by 20% and increasing productivity by 50%. The automation and data-sharing capabilities of Odoo have freed up time for management to focus on strategic tasks, such as evaluating business performance and planning for expansion.

Inventory management has become more streamlined with Odoo. The Inventory app, connected to Odoo Purchase and Sales, provides a comprehensive view of storage capabilities and inventory levels, reducing stockouts and speeding up the stock movement process. Centralising stock information has enabled HAUS Collective to monitor inventory across multiple locations, facilitating faster delivery and efficient pick-and-pack processes.

Data-driven decision-making has also been significantly enhanced. Odoo's centralised system allows HAUS Collective to generate dynamic reports and sales forecasts, supporting informed purchasing decisions based on actual sales data rather than speculation. Regular reports help identify design trends and customer spending habits, enabling the company to replenish popular items and diversify its product range to meet the latest demands.

Overall, the Odoo implementation has transformed HAUS Collective's operations, offering a standardised sales process, streamlined inventory management, and data-driven decision-making. The company now enjoys seamless workflow between departments and is planning to open a new showroom in northern Australia in 2025.

This transformation illustrates the power of adopting a fully integrated business management solution like Odoo. By overcoming the limitations of standalone systems and embracing automation, HAUS Collective has not only improved operational efficiency but also positioned itself for future growth. This case highlights how small businesses can leverage Odoo to enhance their capabilities, reduce manual workloads, and make informed decisions that drive success.

Maz | ODIY Academy 17 June 2024
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