Odoo Enhances Efficiency for Japanese Snack Manufacturer KOIKEYA

24 April 2024 by
Maz | ODIY Academy

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KOIKEYA Inc., a leading manufacturer of savory snacks based in Japan and Belgium, has significantly streamlined its operations by implementing Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications. 

According to a review, the company, which boasts €330 million in annual sales and was the first to produce potato chips in Japan, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its flagship product, Karamucho, in 2024. As KOIKEYA operates in 35 countries, the need for an integrated digital solution became imperative to manage its expanding product lines and international footprint effectively.

In 2016, the opening of KOIKEYA's Belgium branch marked a turning point. The branch quickly expanded from 2 to 10 product lines, but managing these on an Excel sheet proved cumbersome, with regular stock checks taking at least 30 minutes. Additionally, sales representatives struggled with accessing real-time stock levels, hampering efficiency at every step of the sales process. Communication also suffered as the team relied on lengthy email chains to exchange purchase and sales orders, making information retrieval slow and labor-intensive.

The implementation of Odoo transformed these challenges into efficiencies, reducing the time taken to create sales orders from 30 minutes to just 5 minutes and enabling more accurate and faster stock checks. With features like "First Expire First Out" rules in the Odoo Inventory app, stock management became not only effortless but also aligned with the company's operational practices. The integration of Odoo's apps, including Purchase, Inventory, Project, Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, CRM, and Studio, over a two-month period, has enabled a threefold increase in sales process efficiency.

Odoo's user-friendly interface facilitated quick adaptation for new hires, eliminating the need for extensive manuals. The platform's dynamic reporting tools have also been instrumental, allowing KOIKEYA to effortlessly manage sales data and generate detailed reports that offer insights into product, salesperson, and market performance at a glance. This has been particularly beneficial for strategic decision-making and administrative tasks.

The company is now poised to expand its reach through eCommerce, leveraging Odoo to simplify the transition into online sales. As KOIKEYA continues to share its beloved snacks globally, Odoo remains a crucial partner in their journey, underscoring the platform's capability to support complex, multinational operations efficiently.

Maz | ODIY Academy 24 April 2024
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