Odoo in Australia: A Game Changer

4 January 2024 by
Maz | ODIY Academy

Introduction to Odoo's Impact in Australia

In the highly competitive world of business software, Odoo is emerging as a significant player in Australia. This open-source suite of integrated business applications is revolutionising the way small businesses and sole traders manage their operations (12 million+ users worldwide and counting!).

Offering a comprehensive range of apps, from CRM to e-commerce, inventory to accounting, Odoo provides a one-stop solution that is both affordable and efficient.

Why Australian Businesses are Choosing Odoo

In Australia, entrepreneurs and SMEs seek innovative ways to optimise operations without breaking the bank. This often means a variety of different apps, logins, and subscriptions half-integrated. Odoo's modular design lets businesses handpick applications, crafting a customised solution that evolves with them, for ONE subscription cost that covers any or all of their available modules and apps. Its intuitive interface and flexibility make Odoo a top pick for savvy Australian entrepreneurs.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Odoo for Start-Ups and Small Businesses

Budget-conscious start-ups and small businesses find a friend in Odoo. Its open-source roots translate to lower licensing fees without skimping on functionality. Odoo packs a punch with features rivalling pricier enterprise solutions, proving you don't need deep pockets for top-tier business tools.

Odoo pricing starts at only $34.40 per user, with no user minimums and includes over 50 modules/apps! It really is incredible value. 

Link: Odoo pricing

How Odoo Enhances Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is crucial, and Odoo's integrated apps are a game-changer! They work in harmony, ditching the need for multiple software solutions (i'm thinking the typical Xero + Hubspot + Wordpress + [...] shennanigans). This streamlined approach minimises errors and saves precious time, letting businesses focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

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Odoo and the Australian Regulatory Environment

Odoo shines in its adaptability to the unique Australian regulatory environment. With it's out of the box Australian Localisation Package, it comes ready to tackle local tax laws with GST configuration, ATO reporting, employment regulations, and other industry-specific compliance standards, making regulatory navigation a breeze.

Australian Localisation Odoo Apps

Link: Odoo Documentation for Australia 

The Role of Odoo in Australian E-commerce

With e-commerce booming in Australia, Odoo's integrated platform is a boon for businesses. It simplifies managing online sales, website inventory, and customer relationships, providing a seamless, all-in-one e-commerce solution.

Odoo will also be releasing integration with StarShipIt very soon, which will add Australia Post, NZ Post, StarTrack, Couriers Please and a heap of other shipping providers to the already integrated DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Customisation: Odoo's Key Advantage

One of Odoo's standout features is its high degree of customisation. Australian businesses can tailor the software to their unique needs, thanks to its modular design and the availability of numerous third-party apps. Odoo are also actively working on Australia-specific integrations for shipping, reporting, payroll and a whole heap of other things! 

Odoo'sSTUDIO app (under their Custom subscription) further amplifies its appeal, allowing users to effortlessly create new and customise existing applications, reports, and workflows, ensuring that every business's unique needs are met with precision and ease.

Odoo's Community and Support in Australia

The real strength of Odoo lies in its community and support network in Australia. A growing user and developer base, along with official partners, form a solid support system, offering help with everything from troubleshooting to sharing best practices.

As at the start of 2024, there are 29 official Odoo Partners and over 2,700 users in Australia, so it's by no means a newb on our shores.

Odoo's Commitment to Australia: A Milestone on the Gold Coast

Odoo's opening of its first Australian office on the Gold Coast in 2023 marked a significant milestone. Until then, Australian users relied on Odoo APAC in Hong Kong. This move underscores Odoo's understanding of our market's needs and preferences. 

We Aussies, known for our parochial yet charming approach to business support, value the trust and ease that comes with local providers. Odoo's presence in Australia is a smart acknowledgment of our preference for familiar, locally-grounded account management and support, embodying our neighbourly ethos.

Conclusion: Odoo's Bright Future in Australia

Odoo's increasing popularity in Australia is a testament to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. As more Australian businesses discover the benefits of this all-in-one business solution, Odoo is poised to become an even more significant game-changer in the Australian market.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Odoo

For Australian businesses seeking a scalable, cost-effective solution, Odoo is a smart choice. Its adaptability to various business needs and the Australian business landscape makes it a strategic choice for streamlining operations and fostering growth.

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