What Game-Changing Features Might Be Coming in Odoo Version 18?

29 May 2024 by
Maz | ODIY Academy

As Odoo gears up for Version 18, the development team is working on groundbreaking features and enhancements. Curious about what’s in store? 

Recently Odoo held a Partner Day which went through their Odoo 18 roadmap as it currently stands, and with that came the 79 page release notes detailing the features we can expect for the new version (we list some of our favourites later in this blog).

However, there is a way to get a sneak-peak at upcoming enhancements and fixes: by hanging out in Odoo's GitHub. After all, who doesn't want to test their search and find prowess of an evening?

These updates, detailed in Odoo's GitHub repository, offer a sneak peek into the future. It’s important to note that these are previews and not yet official. GitHub is where Odoo manages code developments, fixes, updates, and more. The following insights are based on v17.3, which may be the precursor to Version 18. While these features are currently in development, their inclusion in the final release is not guaranteed. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting scoop on the innovations being worked on.

Imagine how incredible it would be to utilize vendor bill uploads, cloud storage integrations, and enhanced calendar filters in Odoo! Based on what we've discovered, here are some exciting features we anticipate in Odoo Version 18:

1. Vendor Bill Upload via Portal

GitHub Pull Request #164263

A potential major feature in the pipeline is the ability for vendors to upload bills directly through the portal. This enhancement aims to streamline the billing process, which is often cumbersome and error-prone. Key functionalities include:

  • Automatic Draft Creation: When vendors upload a bill, a draft vendor bill is automatically created with information pre-populated from the purchase order (PO). The bill PDF is attached for easy verification by the accountant.
  • Bank Account Management: Vendors can manage their own bank accounts, including adding new accounts and archiving outdated ones. A SWIFT/BIC search feature helps auto-populate bank account creation forms, reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: To ensure only legitimate users can upload bills, stringent security measures are in place. Vendors must have a verified session to interact with the new flows. The verification process includes a specific PO signature valid for one week, enhancing security and trust.

This feature is expected to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency by allowing vendors to manage their billing and banking information directly.

So will this feature be in Odoo 18? Time will tell, but to date it has not been officially announced.

2. Pay Later Icon Integration

GitHub Pull Request #164873

This update introduces a "Pay Later" icon, providing a visual indicator for a new payment method. While the specifics of third-party integration are not fully detailed, this feature suggests enhanced flexibility in payment options. The addition of a custom icon aims to improve user experience by clearly indicating the availability of the "Pay Later" option, making it easier for users to identify and utilise this payment method.

Pay Later options are available via the out of the box integrators such as Stripe, but perhaps Odoo have another integration partner in the works perhaps? Klarna? Afterpay? Watch this space.

Before and After

3. Cloud Storage Integration

GitHub Pull Request #157249

Odoo is enhancing its cloud storage capabilities, enabling users to store and manage documents and data directly within the platform. Key aspects of this integration include:

  • Support for Multiple Cloud Providers: The integration supports Google Cloud and Azure, allowing users to choose their preferred storage provider.
  • Seamless File Management: Users can upload and download files directly to and from the cloud. The system allows for manual deletion of cloud storage blobs, giving administrators control over stored data.
  • Improved Data Accessibility and Security: This integration ensures that data is easily accessible while maintaining high security standards. The ability to store attachments in the cloud improves scalability and data management efficiency.

By offering robust cloud storage options, Odoo aims to enhance data accessibility and security, providing users with more flexibility in managing their documents.

4. Custom Font Uploads for Websites

GitHub Pull Request #150882

Currently, Odoo websites support only Google Fonts. This update (if/when released) will allow users to upload custom fonts, offering greater flexibility in website design and branding. Key features are looking to include:

  • Support for Multiple Font Formats: Users can upload fonts in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats. ZIP files containing these formats are also supported.
  • Enhanced Branding Capabilities: Custom fonts enable businesses to maintain consistent branding across their websites, enhancing their visual identity.

This feature aims to provide businesses with more control over their website appearance, allowing for a more personalised and professional look. With Odoo users becoming more sophisticated, the concept of custom fonts as part of company branding is now essential, so it's great to see Odoo accommodating this need.

5. Enhanced Calendar Filters

GitHub Pull Request #164164

This improvement makes scheduling meetings more efficient by allowing users to select multiple people simultaneously from a list. Key enhancements include:

  • Multi-Select Capability: Users can now select several participants at once, rather than adding them individually.
  • Visual Enhancements: Each participant's picture is displayed next to their name, making it easier to identify them quickly.

This feature aims to streamline the scheduling process, saving time and making it more intuitive for users to coordinate meetings with multiple participants.

6. Floor Grid in POS Restaurant Module

GitHub Pull Request #164557

A new floor grid feature for the POS Restaurant module will make it easier to align tables and organize floor plans during the edit mode. Key benefits include:

  • User-Friendly Table Alignment: The grid provides a visual guide for precise table placement, ensuring a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing floor plan.
  • Improved Floor Plan Management: This feature helps restaurant managers create efficient layouts, optimizing space and enhancing the dining experience for customers.

This addition aims to improve the usability of the POS Restaurant module, making it easier for users to manage and modify floor plans.

7. Floating Orders in POS Restaurant Module

GitHub Pull Request #164918

Traditionally, POS restaurant orders are associated with tables, which may not always be convenient. This update introduces the ability to create "floating" orders, accommodating various scenarios such as delivery and takeout. Key features include:

  • Shadow Table for Floating Orders: Floating orders are linked to a default "shadow" table to maintain compatibility with the existing codebase.
  • Enhanced Order Management Flexibility: This feature allows restaurants to handle different types of orders more efficiently, catering to various business needs.

By enabling floating orders, this enhancement improves the flexibility and functionality of the POS Restaurant module.

8. Late Payment Charges

GitHub Pull Request #165738

The introduction of late payment charges in the accounting module will help businesses manage overdue payments more effectively. Key functionalities include:

  • Automatic Application of Late Fees: Late fees are automatically added to overdue invoices, encouraging timely payments.
  • Customizable Settings: Businesses can configure the late payment charges to align with their specific policies and requirements.

This feature aims to improve cash flow management by incentivizing customers to pay their invoices on time.

9. Bank Account Details on Customer Invoices

GitHub Pull Request #163692

Customer invoices will now include bank account details alongside the payment reference. Previously, invoices only had a payment reference. Key benefits of this update include:

  • Enhanced Payment Information: Adding the IBAN to invoices ensures customers have all the necessary details for making payments, reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Improved Payment Processes: Clearer payment instructions facilitate smoother transactions, improving the overall customer experience.

This enhancement aims to make the payment process more transparent and efficient for both businesses and their customers.

10. Toolbar Shortcuts in Web Editor

GitHub Pull Request #150608

This improvement enhances the web editor by adding shortcut buttons to toolbar placeholders. These buttons provide quick access to commonly used formatting options, including:

    This improvement enhances the web editor by adding placeholder buttons to the toolbar, improving user experience and functionality. The placeholders include:

    • Numbered Lists
    • Bullet Lists
    • Checklists
    • Tables
    • Images
    • Links

    Additionally, for mass-mailing, these options are also added:

    • Numbered Lists
    • Bullet Lists
    • Checklists
    • Tables
    • Images
    • Links

    The update also introduces a dynamic placeholder icon using 'fa-hashtag' for consistency, adds a 'dynamic placeholder' button to the sidebar, and excludes these buttons from display on the website.

    Desired Output:

    • For HTMLFields: 


    • For Mass-mailing: 

    Mass mailing

    • Dynamic Placeholder:
      • Sidebar: 

    Dynamic Placeholder

      • Floating Toolbar: 

    Floating Toolbar

Odoo 18 R&D sneak peek

Meanwhile, according to the Odoo 18 R&D sneak peek by Christophe Klopfert, Product Owner, several new features and improvements are also in development for Version 18:


  1. Onboarding of New Users: Focused on easing the entry process for new users.
  2. Discovery of Existing Functionalities: Enhancements to help users find and utilize existing features.
  3. Configuration and Imports Setup: Improvements in the setup process.
  4. New Features for Existing Users: Introduction of new features tailored for current users.

New Features and Improvements:

Sales Commissions

  • Sales Commissions Module: Calculate commissions based on various metrics like amount invoiced, amount sold, margin, sold quantity, invoiced quantity, and new monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Customizable rules and specific ponderation for products and categories.

Sales Commission

  • Loyalty in Portal: Enhanced customer loyalty programs.

Loyalty Portal

  • Combo Products: Available across PoS, Sales, Ecommerce, Rental, and Subscriptions.

Combo Products

  • PDF Quote Builder 2.0: Includes translations, customizable fields, and manual modification zones.

PDF Quote Builder 2.0

Point of Sale (PoS)

  • Product Creation: Create products directly within the PoS interface with barcode lookup capabilities.

Point of Sale

  • Enhanced UX: New designs for better user experience at login and payment screens.
  • Additional Features: Free orders in PoS restaurant, PoS events, and ecommerce-style product variant display.


  • Location Selector Widget: New tool for selecting locations.

Location Selector Widget

  • Sign-In Button in Checkout Form: Improved user experience.

Button in Checkout Form

  • One-Page Checkout: Streamlined checkout process.
  • SEO Improvements: Various enhancements for better search engine optimization.
  • Multi-Warehouse Integration: Display stock quantity on product pages and improved Click&Collect flow.


  • Delivery Dispatching: Batch order picking and vehicle assignment, with a map view of the batch.

Delivery Dispatching

  • Automated Batches: Improved batch processing.

Automated Batches

  • Putaways: Enhanced product placement based on location history.
  • Barcode App: Revamped with new features like QR code scanning and mobile PWA installation.

Barcode App:

  • Additional Features: Valuation by lots, inter-company lots/serial numbers, new push rules, MTSO, and package content reports with QR codes.

MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning)

  • MPS Updates: UI revamp and flexible routing for automatic replenishment.

MPS Updates

  • Gantt View: Improvements including zoom, horizontal scroll, and task view.

Gantt View

  • Shop Floor Enhancements: Improved operational tools and quality checks on demand.

Shop Floor Enhancements

  • Additional Features: Project & MO link, repair orders for rental returns, MRP documents refactor, and work-in-progress management.


  • Project Records Navigation: Enhanced top bar for browsing related records.

Project Records Navigation

  • Skills Matching: Find personnel based on skills.

Skills Matching

  • Task Revisions: Improved tracking of revisions in tasks.

Task Revisions

  • Product Warranty Tracking: Enhanced warranty tracking for products.

Product Warranty Tracking

  • Additional Features: Planning by location, maintenance integration, and cost tracking in analytic accounting.


  • New Invoicing Features: Improved onboarding, invoice layout configurations, and tax selection guides.

New Invoicing Features

  • Invoice Edition: Product and description in one column, layout preview, and tax selection guide.

Invoice Edition

  • Lock Dates: Revamped wizard and hash on send feature.

Lock Dates

  • Reconciliation: Quick create in Kanban view, improved UX, and duplicates detection.


  • Bank Synchronization: More providers and improved synchronization.
  • Additional Features: Analytic budgets, distribution models, intercompany transactions, asset management, and expenses integration.


  • Massive Investment: Enhancements for countries with specific features and reports.
  • New Localizations: Australia and Switzerland, with upcoming ones for Mexico, Spain, Germany, and Indonesia.
  • Localization Features: Electronic invoicing, country-specific reports, fiscal positions, taxes, and financial statements.


  • Attendances Management: Overtime reporting and fingerprint management.

Attendances Management

  • Recruitment Enhancements: Job board integrations, conditional questions, and recruitment campaigns.
  • Time Off Management: Performance improvements and enhanced UI.
  • Appraisals and Referrals: New onboarding, referral campaigns, and automation options.

CRM & Marketing

  • New App: Community-based content promotion.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Enhanced tools and integration across modules.
  • Appointment Improvements: Double-booking prevention and customizable booking pages.
  • Marketing Enhancements: Social improvements, marketing automation onboarding, and mail composer improvements.


  • Enhanced Article Search: Improved search capabilities and Excalidraw integration.
  • Publishing Access: Better access controls and navigation.

Publishing Access:

  • Additional Features: Hierarchy view and improved navigation.

Spreadsheet & Dashboards

  • New Charts and Options: Combo, waterfall, and scatter charts with enhanced customization.

New Charts and Options

  • Spreadsheet Functions: Improved VLOOKUP, INDIRECT, INT, CELL, and ODOO.RESIDUAL functions.
  • Data Management: Improved data tables and dynamic pivots.

Data Management


  • Document Management: Access shared documents from the portal, batch upload improvements, and XML file previews.
  • Sign: Enhanced signature request features, including batch signing and touch-compatible backend.

Document Management


  • Nice URLs and Header Adjustments: Improved mobile UI and multi-company switcher.

Nice URLs and Header Adjustments

  • Bootstrap Update: Updated to version 5.3.
  • New Unit Testing Framework: Introduction of HOOT.

Final Thoughts

As Odoo prepares for Version 18, we can anticipate several exciting new features that promise to enhance efficiency and functionality. While these potential updates are still unofficial, they hint at significant improvements like vendor bill uploads, cloud storage integration, and better scheduling tools. These enhancements are designed to streamline processes, improve data management, and offer more flexibility.

Stay tuned for more details as Odoo moves closer to launching Version 18, potentially bringing innovative solutions to meet diverse business needs.

Maz | ODIY Academy 29 May 2024
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